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I saw your ad in the leader newspaper and was wondering how much it will cost to get my resume done. I am requiring it to apply for an Internship through my University I will need it by next Wednesday. If you have a spare minute please have a look at my application letter for the University course I want to do. It has 3 questions; Why I have chosen this career? Why this university? and What I can offer?

I’m just wondering how much you cost for your service’s? I’m having trouble getting a job, or even hearing back from one really. I can apply for 100’s and won’t hear back from one, unless it’s telling me I’m unsuccessful. I dont think my resume is that bad. So I am looking for someone who know’s what employers are looking for and help re-write my resume.

Hello! My name is ____ and I need help to write the “right” Australian resume. I have a Northern European background and resumes in that region are build up slightly differently… At the moment I am working, but I feel that this job is not challenging to me and I am going backwards and will lose my abilities. So, my question is, can you help me? And How long it takes to set up my resume? (I have one job which sounds interesting to me at the moment and I dont want to miss the chance).

Here is my Resume my first choice is … farming and animal health/ nutrition, but I know, this is hard to realise. My second choice would be all about quality assurance, specifically in veterinary medicine and food industry.

Hi, I saw your advertisement in the Leader newspaper and was wondering what you charge to put something like this together for someone applying for their first job ie apprenticeship?

Hi, I read your email and found it very useful and interesting it has in there something I can put my son on too for student jobs. Thank you for that, I have not got a resent police cheçk but I will find out what I have to do too get one. I will see the person in charge that I am working for at the moment. Here are some of my studies…. and thanks again for everything see you Thursday

I am in need of a new resume and application letter. I haven’t updated my resume for approximately 5 years and wish to apply for a job that closes in two days. Could you please email me your rates and charges? And let me know whether you would be able to fit me in this week?

Hi there, I just saw your ad in the paper regarding resumes. I am looking at updating my resume to get a job in the city (as I am moving location), doing either personal assisting or office work but would like a quality resume to get me a good paying job. I am not too sure how to go about it as it has been a while since I have needed a resume. I look forward to your reply

Hi, I read your ad in our local paper and would like to know more re your services please. I am a 59 year old nurse/midwife looking at changing directions and will a resume/cv to do this. I am open to suggestions re directions too. Thankyou.

Can you help me? I want to prepare a Sales Plan for an upcoming interview? And I am told that you can do it for me. I want it to get me ahead of the other candidates for the position.

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