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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of our services and this website

All website users and customers of Resumesandcvs4u agree that when using the services and information contained in this website hereby agrees to abide by and acknowledge the following:

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Resumesandcvs4u be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, our materials. You specifically acknowledge and agree that Resumesandcvs4u is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any user. If you are dissatisfied with any material, or with any terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using their services.

Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible for any inability to access our services, temporary or otherwise. Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible for any errors made in our service. By using this website you acknowledge the fact that not all errors, omissions, and problems can be detected by Resumesandcvs4u staff. By using Resumesandcvs4u, you acknowledge and assume that even after using our services, accidental errors may remain in your document. Resuemsandcvs4u is not liable for any of these undiscovered errors and provide the draft review process to assist in eliminating these through a joint review process with our client. Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible for the success of the resumes or career related products. As the owner of the documents, they need to be proactively sent out to the audience they were targeted for. Resumesandcvs4u does not and cannot guarantee jobs or employment success. Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible for any actions that do or do not result from the use of our services, including, but not limited to, successful acquisition of a job or the failure to land a job, even on account of our services.

  • Computer Viruses. Resumesandcvs4u is not liable in any way for any viruses that users of our service may acquire as a result of using our service. We make every attempt to prevent viruses from being transmitted, but by the nature of our activities on the internet, viruses may be transmitted either by us or by our independently contracted writers. Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible for any viruses inadvertently transmitted and are not liable for any damages resulting from the transmission of viruses. It is the responsibility of every user of our service to remain vigilant in the prevention of viruses from coming into contact with their own computers. We recommend you use reputable virus detection software.
  • Resumesandcvs4u is not responsible or liable for any inability to receive materials from our service. This includes interruption of email transmission, invalid or incorrect email addresses, inability to view or print completed materials, or errors or omissions by the Resumesandcvs4u team.

Resumesandcvs4u will work with you until you are state that you are satisfied with your documents, however we do not offer a cash refund or guarantee. We will make any edits for free for 14 days following the second and final appointment. It is agreed that once you have made payment you will commit to completing the full process including the draft personalisation and finalisation. At this stage, a writer will be engaged to commence work and you have agreed to all terms and conditions as set out herein. If you are dis-satisfied with any documents that Resumesandcvs4u produce, you agree to work with us collaboratively, by either amending the document or clearly indicating what information you wish to be edited in written form. To ensure a high quality document, we provide a draft version to give you the opportunity to consider changes or amendments. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to seek constructive feedback from 2 or 3 of your industry connections to verify the content and language used throughout the document.

  • Payment Policy. Payment for all Resumes, Cover Letters and Key Selection Criteria must be paid in full at the first appointment and prior to commencement of service. All other services are charged on a pro rata basis and clients will be provided with an estimate prior to engaging resumesandcvs4u and making an appointment.
  • Cancellation Policy. Once contracted to commence the Resume service it cannot be cancelled.
  • Guarantees. Under the direction provided by professional industry associations, Resumesandcvs4u cannot provide a guarantee that you will receive a job following writing of your resume. It can be confirmed that guarantees provided from our competitors will not result in monetary refunds or additional assistance to obtain an interview which is clearly outlined through the terms and conditions of all so called guarantees provided by our competitors. Resumesandcvs4u can guarantee that we will continue to work with you if you do not receive interviews for positions. Additional fees will be charged for this service which will be charged on a pro rata basis in increments of 30 minutes when additional information is identified as out of scope of the additional service request. This includes the addition of new employment history, qualifications or amendments to the document to meet a newly identified targeted position or industry that is different to that advised during the initial consultation process.
  • Resume Editing. Resumesandcvs4u will advise if your existing resume meets the criteria required to provide an editing service. This criterion includes the utilisation of keywords throughout the document and the ability to easily format your existing document. Edits will not be provided on documents that can only be provided in PDF, hard copy or other un-editable formats. For an edit to be available the document must meet industry standards which will be outlined to you by your consultant, and be provided via email in fully editable Microsoft Word format. We cannot guarantee that an edit service will be available on documents that have not been written by another professional resume service.

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