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Hurray, not only did you help me write my University Application – and I got in! but you also did a great job on my resume and I have a job which I start next week.  Actually I ended up having a choice of three jobs.  Thank you so much.  I will keep you posted on my career. Harry

Thank you for assisting me to reduce a long career into a concise, marketable document. I now look experienced, not old and skilled not outdated. I was very impressed with your total service. John, Sydney

Hi Trudy Its been almost three months since I started my new job at XXXXXXX and I am truly loving it. I work with great people who value my input and I believe that in time I will be able to make a difference in my role. This is very much different to the position that I left, which up until the time I met with yourself had basically sapped all of my confidence out of me.

I must admit that I had little confidence in being successful when I sent off the CV believing that it would be “just another knock back” but after being successful I put it down to your CV that opened the door to a career that I never thought was possible at my age.

I have recommended your services to a few friends and anyone who will listen and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a CV that well and truly puts them ahead of the rest of the field.” – John

First Resume, first interview and I got the job straight away. Thank you. James – Melbourne

I know these are my skills in the Resume, but I cannot tell you how more confident I feel with this new Resume. Richard – Melbourne

Just had the interview for the promotion/transfer I wanted and was offered the job on the spot! You helped me more than you know yesterday. Thank you. Angela, Melbourne.

New Resume, New confidence and I got the first job I applied for. Thank you also for the training for the Interview. I was fully prepared and ready. Diane – Melbourne

We will be sending everyone to you. Your service was so professional and supportive. Brian – Queensland

Thank you Trudy. The job I finally selected is with a multi national company in New York. Thought you’d like to know the he CEO wanted your details as his wife needed a resume and in his words “We don’t even do them that good in New York”

Coming to you before I closed my business was the best decision I ever did. You had great ideas to assist with closing the business, and for re skilling. You were right though once we identified my networks the job offers came in. I don’t know what I was worried about. April – 2013

I know I came to you and said “I had no skills” as I had been at home for the past seven years. But now I realise how many skills I do have and have also enrolled in the course I need to get that job I want. You really gave me confidence, thank you. Briony – Melbourne, 2013

Thank you so much. With the confidence you gave me I applied for the exact job I dreamed of and I start Monday. Catherine – Melbourne, March 2013

I wish I had come to you earlier, instead I waited until I had applied for 100 jobs then realised that maybe my resume needed updating. You gave me the confidence to go for that job I never thought I could get. David – Newcastle, March 2013

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. It has been my pleasure and growing experience also. I love your website and cards. They are awesome and sure to generate some interest from the outset with clients. I do think your beautiful heart leads the wonderful work you do and obviously clients get more than they bargained for in choosing you. You do GIVE them so much more than just resumes and CVs. Whether they actually realise it or not doesn’t really matter but you will make a difference in their lives as you have done in mine and my daughter Sam’s. This is because “When the effective leader is finished his (her) work, the people finished say it happened naturally.”

Thank you for the preparation of my resume. Your instincts were spot on to highlight my volunteer work and were definitely the factor in getting me the interview. Unfortunately the role is not the one for me, as it is a rotating shift that is impossible to organise around childcare, it was great to be out there thinking about work again. You have given me great confidence

Thankyou so much from both of us for all the wonderful work, help, advice and guidance you have given me, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I am so glad you advertised as I would never have found you – I made the right choice coming across to you as opposed to the other ad which was also listed – lol!! Will keep you informed of any developments in our careers.

Thank you very much for the CV it looks great. Will have to put it to good use very soon and let you know. Thanks again

Thought I would touch base and let you know that I have now got a job. I had 2 interviews and then got called to work 2 days. On the 2nd day the Manager told me I had the position I have been there 4 days already and enjoying it. (transition from Reception to Real Estate)

So there you go! Finally, I thought I’d never find anything. After applying for so many positions I never got even a call. But with your Resume, I have. Thanks again for your professional resume they all thought it was professional looking and praised my achievements. It was a great start for me to have contacted you.

Thanks you for your help in preparing my Resume and helping me get ready for my interview – I have taken the Job and start in the morning – a three month trial period in one of my chosen Industry classifications: Sales Representative / Warehouse Assistant – I will keep you posted as to how the Job develops etc. In the meantime, I have a referral who may well benefit from your assistance, I have passed on your details and I have suggested that he makes contact with you.

I thank you for your assistance and the e-mail advice you have afforded me – I think I owe you a cup of coffee real soon.

Hi, I had a chat with a minng recruitment company today at a presentation. They were very impressed with my resume and they decided to take it with them. Fingers crossed. Once again, thanks for everything.

I found your ad through the local leader newspaper. I found the service to be very informative and gave me the confidence to go out and find another position within another company.

Thanks for coming over this afternoon, really appreciate the support and the service you provide. Slightly ambitious ….. I have applied for a store manager’s position opening up a new … store in Melbourne. I will follow up the application with a call tomorrow morning …… Guess what!, I go the job and start in one week. Thankyou

Have now proven age can be a resistance, so I took your advice and upskilled. I have now enrolled at Chisholm.  I’ll complete the course late November. I’ll let you know how it is going. I sent a friend to you this week. I know you will help them as much as you have helped me.

My wife recently had a resume done by yourself and after looking at it I said to myself that I must get you to do mine (A new Resume resulted in a career move and promotion)

I just wanted to say thankyou for the help with the resume and I got the job! They were very impressed with the resume and said I surprised them with the interview. So thanks again for your guidance and support.

I have some great news! I got a job today and start Monday.  It’s not exactly in my field of study but may be something new and different. The role is as a disability care worker. If I need any future assistance with other jobs I will be sure to let you know.

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