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It is your Interview too so use it!

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Here are some interview tips I share with my clients

“interview preparation”

The interview is a two way street. They are interviewing you and you are also seeking to establish yourself as the right person for the job and ensuring that this job is right for you.

If at the interview you don’t get to say things because “they did not ask me”. Then simply blend your prepared responses when they say “Is there anything else you want to Say/Ask?”…..”

Well actually when I was researching “XYZ Company on the Web (or talking to previous colleagues about the position) I was looking forward to the opportunity to tell/ask you…….”.

Remember that it is important to ask questions to learn about the company and the job’s challenges. In some cases, the interviewer will be listening for the types of questions you ask. The best questions will come as a result of your listening to what is asked during the interview.

“Do you have any Questions?” ”Yes I do. From what you have been asking me during the interview it seems that you have a problem with ……Can you tell me a little bit more about the situation, and what the first challenges would be for the new person?” This answer shows interest in what their problem is and how you could be the possible solution. It is also an opportunity to get a sense of what will be expected.

Be prepared

Make a list of at least 5 questions you could ask at the interview. “What would a typical working day be like in this position?” “What will be the measurements of my success?” “What is the organisational structure of your department?” “Can you tell me more about the position and the type of person you are seeking?” “What would you consider to be exceptional performance from someone working in this position?” “Who is the manager that I would be working for and what is their management style?” “What is your Vision for the company in 5 years?” “What sort of career advancement is available from this position?” “Is this job opening due to growth or replacement?” “How would you describe the corporate culture?”

Use your judgment about the number of questions. The interview is a two way process so USE IT!

Appropriate, investigative questions do help you be remembered.

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