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On-line applications? Dont be stressed – we have them covered.

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Recently I spent doing an application for a client who is returning to the mines.  A great guy, 30 years of experience,  terrific safety record etc.  But the application process was formidable.  Increasingly, I now provide more and more clients with that little bit of extra support that they need.  After all, you are experts in your careers. 

I am an expert in resumes, job search, business planning training, electronic applications etc.

Don’t be overwhelmed by KSC or the PD. Don’t stess if it’s needed as a doc, docx, PDF or rtf.

Need to avoid applicant tracking systems? We know how.

Relax if it’s an on-line application upload of resumes, cover letters and scanning of qualifications/licenses.

We can sort it all out for you – stress free.

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