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Key Selection Criteria

Key Selection Criteria Attachments

What are Key Selection Criteria? Many employers have specific criteria attached to position descriptions.  These key selection criteria assist the employer to define the expectations of the advertised position.  It is imperative that you demonstrate in your application how you can meet these key selection criteria (KSC).

There is a successful strategy to do this.  We can work with you in producing a concise, clear document to attach with your Resume.

We help you to match your work and innate skills and experiences with each specified criteria.

Many employers (especially Government) require applicants to address specific selection criteria. The success of your application will be based upon you addressing these criteria correctly. If you do not address the selection criteria clearly and concisely, following preferred methods such as the S.T.A.R. methodology, you will not be offered an interview

Once you have completed this process you will be well equipped for you interview.  Already you have thought in detail about what the employer expects and how you can meet their expectations.

Don’t expect to see a CHANGE if you don’t MAKE ONE

Writing responses to key selection criteria is a cooperative process.  You work with us and together we write specific answers for each individual criterion.

We have examples of Key Selection Criteria and how to address them.  There are no correct answers or responses.  The answers have to be drawn from your professional work and personal experiences.  Addressing key selection criteria takes time and skill.  Together we work on each key selection criteria and identify the most effective answer.

There is no such thing as a key selection criteria template.  Although many criterion are similar, the answers are unique to each individual.  Your responses to the key selection criteria really demonstrate to the employer whether you are a match to the advertised position.  At your appointment we can show you effective examples of answers to key selection criteria and how to address them and personalise them to demonstrate your skills and experiences.

We are trained in answering key selection criteria and we want to share our knowledge with you.  Once you have worked with us with one application you will have the skills to answer and respond to the key selection criteria for any other advertised positions

Costs for answering KSC are charged on a per Criteria Basis or based on an hourly rate.

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