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Student & Apprentice Resumes

Student & Apprentice Resumes

Resumes suitable for students seeking work placements in Year 10 or seeking paid work from the age of 14 years and 9 months. This Resume has a strong focus on school achievements, voluntary work, extracurricular activities, academic results and interests.

Resumes also prepared for Graduate Students seeking placements, GAP year students, Working Visa Applications, Holiday Work, University Placements and Traineeships

For students there is no doubt that competition for unskilled work is increasing. As a young person you can offer enthusiasm. You are also experiencing more competition from older, more experienced applicants, including retirees who are seeking low-skilled, low-pressure jobs to supplement their retirement income. It is critical that you do not wait until the school year ends to start your job search. It is equally important that they take an active approach as opposed to a passive one that relies mostly on internet.

Your first priority is your Resume. A clear, concise, professional self-marketing tool. A resume is your opportunity to show you are committed to job search and that you have invested time (and money) into developing a document that “sells your skills”. When I hear a student say they can’t find work but they will spend $100 at least on a night out I wonder where the priorities really are?

Get out from behind the computer. Most opportunities don’t exist in the digital realm. That is why you also need training in:”Cold Calling” and “Developing your Sales Pitch”. Many small businesses do not advertise job openings on the Internet.

Use your parents, friends and your friends’ parents as sources for job leads. Try to meet with hiring managers face-to-face, as opposed to simply dropping off a completed application form with a random person at the sales counter. Post on Facebook.

Most importantly, do not get frustrated by failure. Many people give up after applying for 10 or 12 jobs, concluding that “no one is hiring”. Yet if you were a sales person selling a product you would have to contact 10 to 12 people a day to get one lead.

You are a sales person when looking for a job. You are selling YOURSELF. Chances are that there are more than 10 or 12 employers in your city or town, so it is necessary to cast a wider net. There are many job opportunities outside the confines of the local shopping centre. Think Laterally. Be Determined. Remain Confident.

Apprentice Resumes focus on your on the job training, course work, work experience and personal characteristics such as reliability and commitment.

Approximately 2 pages in total.

Includes: FREE Cover Letter, Job Search Information, Interview Support and Career Advice.

We do not use templates and have successful resume samples available for you to view at your first appointment.

BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU – Do the best you can

– Unknown Source

If you dream it you can do it  – Walt Disney

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