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Targeted Cover Letters

Targeted Cover Letters

Get your FREE cover letter with our Resume/CV Service.

Why is your cover letter so important?  It is your “tickler”.  Recruiters and employers see hundreds or even thousands of cover letters and we want them to read your resume or CV.  Your cover letter is a succinct, one page document.  It has to entice the reader immediately and make a connection.

An effective cover letter is not general letter.  It is your introduction to an employer and your opportunity to clearly demonstrate why you want to work for them specifically and why they should employ you.  We have many examples of cover letters written for specific industries, positions and careers.  But your cover letter has to be personalised, and not just a template.  It is a targeted letter for a specific job.

We want employers to read your cover letter and to have a desire to meet you and know more!

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does  William James

View your cover letter as your quick introductory sales and marketing document.

Neil Rackham, in his book discusses the concept of S.P.I.N selling in Sales.

SituationAn effective cover letter focuses on the background detail that can be used to make sense to the employer’s business situation. Context creates meaning. This is about understanding the wider context before you zoom into the details.

ProblemSuccessful cover letters are developed from asking questions to uncover problems where your skills can address the employers advertised position/need.  What is the position for?  Then ask about issues they may currently have?

ImplicationA cover letter that gets results tempts the employer to want to meet you and find out more. By asking questions you draw out the implications of the why the position is right for you.  Employers get to feel the need that will drive them towards employing you.

Need-PayoffHaving identified the implications, your Professional Resume is introduced as the tool to address the advertised position.  Your skills, experience, qualifications and professionalism will now be read.

Your cover letter should be written for each job for which you make an application. We do have many samples of cover letters, but have success through giving you the tools and examples to write the correct, targeted cover letter.  The first cover letter is FREE with the Resume writing service.

Writing effective cover letters is a skill. There are simple guidelines which we give you to follow.  How long should a cover letter be? How do I ensure that Applicant Tracking Systems do not reject my resume based on my cover letter?  What are people in the HR or Recruiting Industry looking for in a cover letter? What makes a great and effective cover letter to go with job applications?  Should the cover letter address the key selection criteria or should this be a separate document.  Who should the cover letter be addressed too?

We write creative, succinct, effective cover letters for our clients all over Australia and Internationally.  They are unique, specific and targeted to the employers and applicant’s needs.  Every application requires a cover letter and yours is included FREE when you use our Resume and CV writing service.  We can assist you in emailing your application or applying on-line.

Cover letter templates do not work.  Each cover letter needs to reflect your industry and the position.  Cover letters cannot be a template or a generic proforma.  To be successful in getting your resume or CV read, the cover letter has to reflect the position you are making an application for; is it Customer Service, Retail, IT, Sales, Marketing, Teaching, Accounting?  Or is it an Internship application? Regardless, the goal is to get your professionally prepared Resume or CV read, then an Interview and ultimately the ideal position.  You spend an estimated 2000 hours a year working.  So invest in getting the right job for you.

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